Sunday, 10 November 2013

Time for a new beginning

Best followers and readers!

The time has come for me to move on and end of this blog. Thank you for the interest you have shown for all that Lena and I have written. Every question and comment meant a lot, feedback is a nice gift to receive.

For my part, it has been a busy year with horse's feet and hooves in focus. Since August 2012 I've been sitting with my head above living and dead hooves and a lot of books . During five full week courses in Applied Equine Podiatry (AEP) , I have studied the anatomy, function and structure of the hoof and foot in order to perform a balancing of the hoof capsule to the horse's feet ( = coffin bone and cartilage ) in accordance with the HPT method (Hight Performance Trim) which in turn is based on AEP .

On October 2, I took the practical test in Boden after a final exam on the internet-based theory set forth by the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry, USA .

Kerstin Kemlén, Boden and I have started Horsequality Sweden AB. We both have expertise in AEP and in combination with the rest of our knowledge , we create an unbeatable concept, a company with research, horse health and human as our core.

Kerstin has a background in harness racing , where attention to details is a must when training has competition as a goal - ex diets/feeding performance horses , monitoring heart rate with a monitor and motion analysis , training etc. Kerstin can read horses as few others can and have, after several years of collaboration with veterinary professor Robert Cook, USA, developed bitless bridle for trotting horses in order to minimize physical bit-related damages on performance horses. She is specialist in bit-related behavioral issues and well versed in the research .

My background is in riding and driving. In Horsequality my contribution is the Alexander Technique, which gives riders and drivers good balance and suppleness. I have an education in Equine Touch (and its counterpart for people, VHT), a gentle manual technique that provides muscle tension release , increases circulation and creates wellness.

Horse welfare and habitat is an important area. Feeding, work/discipine, outdoor activity and interaction with conspecifics is important. All horse management involves various degrees of compromise: from our own perspective as a horse owner and  from a horse based perspective.

Horsequality Sweden offering lectures and clinics on hooves and feet, posture, bit, training schedules, new research related to the horse and more. Contact us to learn more.

Thank you for these years and welcome to join us in the future.


Horsequality Sweden can be found on Facebook.

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